domingo, 7 de octubre de 2012

Interview with Laura

In the Day of the Languages, Laura (the Jade's mother) came to our high school to have a meeting with us.
With the help of the interpreters, we asked her some questions about her life. 

She was born in Exeter (England). She cames to Spain twelve years ago, with her daughter Jade to live in Mallorca. There she worked as a teacher, but finally she came to Motril and now she work as a builder. She loves Spain, his weather and the paella. She loves animals and she has 6 dogs. Also she loves sailing and read books. 


I think that is interesting to highlight this web:

Here, people upload his ideas and people donate money. When the idea reach the quantity need it, it goes on sale. The people that did a donation, recive the type of product on sale and some extra benefits.

viernes, 5 de octubre de 2012

Welcome to my life

Hi, my name is Antonio Salmerón and I'm 15 years old. I haven't got any brothers.

My favourite type of music is rock and my favourite song is "A-punk" from the music group "Vampire Weekend".

I don't like cooking and I hate vegetables like so people.

My hobbies are play videogames and watch TV. I have a PC gamer and I play a lot.

My favourite subjects are P.E and Technology, but I hate French.

I like to play football, but I don't like to watch it on TV. I also preffer other sports, like basket, table tennis and waterpolo.

I would like to study something related with Technology because I love computers and repair machines.

This is all. Bye!