jueves, 13 de diciembre de 2012

Can I help you? BCK

Here is my tutorial about How to optimize a PC.

The offsprings

In a winter day, a hunter was looking for hunt an animal. A deer appeared and the hunter shot with a shotgun. The deer was injured but he escaped. The hunter follow him, but when he saw that the deer had offsprings he decided to heal him. After some days protecting, feeding and healing the deer, he decided that the deer was healthy. When he go out, he heard a shoot. An indian family killed the deer and the offsprings. The hunter was sadly but he leave.

domingo, 18 de noviembre de 2012

Decorating the classroom

In this activity we upload motivating images in Pinterest to decorate the classroom.
I didn't upload any image, but my favourite is this, because it's so funny.

What to read?

Before I read it:

There are a lots of books to choose, but I chose "An Eskimo Adventure" because the title says adventure, and I like adventure histories. The photo is also cool.

After I read it:

The book is very small, so you can read in almost 1 day. I liked the book because the history is very interesting and It has a happy end, but the history is a bit child, so I recommend this book for boys and girls with 13 or 14 years old.

domingo, 7 de octubre de 2012

Interview with Laura

In the Day of the Languages, Laura (the Jade's mother) came to our high school to have a meeting with us.
With the help of the interpreters, we asked her some questions about her life. 

She was born in Exeter (England). She cames to Spain twelve years ago, with her daughter Jade to live in Mallorca. There she worked as a teacher, but finally she came to Motril and now she work as a builder. She loves Spain, his weather and the paella. She loves animals and she has 6 dogs. Also she loves sailing and read books. 


I think that is interesting to highlight this web:

Here, people upload his ideas and people donate money. When the idea reach the quantity need it, it goes on sale. The people that did a donation, recive the type of product on sale and some extra benefits.